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Web based Ad Engine: ClickseeAdNow
ClickseeAdNow is an advertising management solution that allows a webmaster to manage advertising on a web site. You can just upload the Clicksee Adnow files to the server and begin using the software in a few minutes.

The user-friendly interface allows users to easily manage multiple advertisers and their advertising campaigns with a full featured set of tools. The ClickseeAdNow package comes with a comprehensive reporting tool that allows advertisers to view real-time statistics reports including the average click-through ratio of each ad which can also be automatically emailed to advertisers. You will be able to tell the advertisers how their ads are doing compared with the average ad in the same category.

One of the key benefits of this tool is its ability to automate many of the tasks that are typically manual in managing online advertising. Our ad management solution will set ads to launch and expire by date, impressions, or clicks and automatically notify advertisers when their ads are about to expire. The 'Hold to Launch' feature schedules the launch of each ad. Ads can be weighted to appear more or less often than others. Clicksee Adnow Version 2 supports a variety of banner types: GIF, JPEG, Animated GIF, Text ads, HTML banners, Flash banners, Java Applets, Rich Media banners, and 3rd party ad serve. Clicksee Adnow Version 2 offers you the ability to group ads into a campaign for ease of management and maintenance.

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